What Are The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Owning Portland Oregon Rental Property?

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By Property Management Systems

There’s no denying that owning Portland Oregon Rental Property is one of the very best ways to build wealth and establish long term cash flow but you can also make a lot of mistakes along the way when you’re just getting started.

In this post we will break down some of the biggest mistakes you can make when owning rental property just so you won’t make these same mistakes if you just purchased your first rental property.

Mistake #1 – Not Taking the Time to Listen To Your Tenants

The first mistake you must avoid making when you own Portland Oregon Rental Property is not listening to your tenants especially if they have complaints or comments for you.

Listing is vital when you own rental property because, you will be able to establish a long term relationship with your tenants when you show them that you actually care about their needs and are willing to take the time to listen to them so you can make your rental property better.

Mistake #2 – Not Resolving Problems Fast

Another major mistake you can easily make when owning rental property in Portland is resolving problems fast.

Although some owners may wait hours to call their tenants back you should always have your phone available to take calls from your tenants and or check voice mails when your renters call so you can screen, prioritize, and resolve problems or issues when they occur.

Mistake #3 – Not Asking For Property Management Help

Yes, you may be able to manage multiple rental properties on your own but the reality is that you will be able to grow your portfolio of Portland Rentals faster if you get Portland Oregon Property Management.

When you hire a company like Property Management Systems to professionally manage your rental properties you can have confidence that every aspect of your rental properties are cared for while you grow your portfolio of rentals and live your daily life.

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