Property Management Tips – How to Deal with Your Tenant Requests


By Property Management Systems

PORTLAND, Ore. – Maintaining great relationships with our tenants is the real key to success with building long term cash flow but not every owner masters the art of responding to tenant requests especially when they are just getting started with owning rental property.

In today’s property management tips we will cover three tips you can use for dealing with tenant requests so you can build effective relationships with your tenants.

Tip #1 – Don’t Just Say “No”

As with any other relationship you may have in your life saying the word “no” when your tenant has a problem or an issue may not be the best way to resolve it.

Instead of saying no it’s important to first take the time to understand what your tenant really needs with their critical request by asking for more information before immediately offering your decision.

Tip #2 – Clearly Define How You Will Resolve the Issue

Another strategy you can effectively use for dealing with tenants when conflicts occur is to clearly define how you will resolve the issue.

Although things can get tense if a tenant has a real problem you must assure the tenant that you understand their situation and will take steps to resolve it.

Tip #3 – Create Standard Replies to Common Tenant Requests

As you move forward with adding more Portland rental properties to your portfolio it may be a good idea for you to create standard replies to common tenants requests by creating a website with answers to common questions that tenants can refer to before they contact you.

After tenants refer to the questions and answers on your website they should then be encouraged to contact you if they still continue to questions.

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