Should You Insist On Your Portland Oregon Renters Having Renters Insurance?

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By Property Management Systems

Renters insurance is one of the best investments for Portland Oregon Renters to make in 2015 because, it’s one of the few forms of protection that a tenant can depend on to protect their possessions when they are either home or away from their rental.

Sadly there are some renters in Portland who are choosing not to have renters insurance and this puts them, other renters, and the owner, at risk for a lawsuit if there is an accident, fire, injury or theft on your rental property this is why you should insist that your renters carry renters insurance.

Renters Insurance Protects All of Your Tenants

When all renters are covered under a renters insurance policy you can have confidence that there will be complete coverage for your multi-family rental property and even if there is damage caused by negligence renters insurance will be available to repair the damages and replace personal items that may have been destroyed.

You Will Look More Professional

By requiring all of your tenants to have renters insurance policies future tenants who are moving in will have more confidence in the quality of your rental property and they will have peace of mind in knowing that there will be ample coverage to repair or replace their possessions if they are damaged due to acts of nature of negligence of tenants.

Minimize Potential Conflict

By requiring renters insurance you will reduce the chance of potential conflict with renters and also protect yourself from financial damages should accidents or injuries occur on your rental property.

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