Not Ready To Manage Your Own Investment Properties In 2020? Hire A Property Manager Instead

In the real estate investment world there’s always talk about things like “house hacking” or other solutions that investors can use to make money with real estate investing. Sadly, many of these solutions cost time and money when the real solution that an investor should choose is to hire a property manager instead.

Benefits Of Hiring A Property Manager

From the moment that you decide to hire a property management company you can rest easy in knowing that all of the day-to-day aspects of owning a rental property are being handled by professionals.

Some of the many solutions that we can offer you include:

  • Rent collection – We will collect your rents on time so that you won’t have to deal with any form of rent collection yourself.
  • Maintenance – When it comes time for routine maintenance, to large scale maintenance jobs, you can count on us to provide you with the services that you need to professionally maintain your rental property.
  • Customer service – Tired of tenants calling you at night, weekends, holidays or pretty much any time of year? We would be too! Thankfully, once you hire a property manager, you can count on excellent customer service so that dealing with tenants will become a thing of the past.
  • Scalability – Want to scale your portfolio? With a property management company managing your rentals, you can invest in new rentals in the PDX area and have confidence that we’re going to provide you with continued excellent service on a monthly basis.

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High Quality Tenants

Tenant screening can be a complex process, and if you don’t have sufficient experience in the real estate industry, you might end up choosing a bad tenant. The main problem with bad tenants is that it can be quite difficult to make them leave your property. Good property management companies have a reliable and verified screening process that helps them select tenants who will:

  • Rent long-term
  • Pay rent on time
  • Minimize the wear and tear of the property
  • Cause fewer problems

A property management company that has been in the business for a long time, has seen thousands of tenant applications. This will help them dig into facts about the potential tenants quicker and identify red flags. If you allow a property manager to handle the tenant screening, you are also avoiding rental scams that are directed at property owners.

Additionally, you also ensure that you won’t have to deal with time-consuming discrimination lawsuits. Avoiding bad tenants, lawsuits, and scams is by far one of the main benefits that come with hiring a professional property manager.

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Fewer Legal Problems

Experienced landlords are aware of the fact that a single bad tenant can cause a great deal of financial and legal headaches. A high-quality property management company is armed with a lot of knowledge and they can protect you from potential lawsuits and vulnerabilities. Each Australian state will have their own laws that can affect a landlord. Additionally, you also have the federal law that will cover the following aspects:

  • Screening tenants
  • Property conditions and safety
  • Tenant evictions
  • Unit inspections
  • Signing and terminating leases
  • Collecting and handling rent and security deposits

If you avoid one lawsuit by hiring a specialist, the money that you save will be more than sufficient to pay the property management company’s fees, and you will also avoid wasting your time and energy.

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