Portland Oregon Rental – 4 Tips For Maintaining Carpeting In Your Rental

Portland Oregon Rental

By Fred Marlow

As long time property management professionals we know how rough it can be for you to maintain the carpeting in your Portland Oregon Rental property.

Before you make the decision to go with all hardwood flooring vs. carpeting here are 4 tips you can use to maintain the carpeting in your rental property.

Tip 1 – Break Up The Carpeting In Your Rental

Instead of having all carpeting, or all hard flooring, in your Portland Oregon Rental Property consider a 60/40 approach.

Add hard flooring to high traffic areas in your rental like: kitchens, bathrooms, and entry points, then keep carpeting in bedrooms and gathering areas like living rooms, or dinning rooms.

Tip 2 – Add Floor Mats To The Inside And Outside Of Your Rental

To win the fight against dirt and debris from getting trafficked into your carpeting you should consider adding floor mats to the inside and outside of your Portland Oregon Rental.

This will give people two places to wipe their feet when they enter your rental property.

Tip 3 – Buy A Vacuum Cleaner For The Portland Oregon Rental Property

To avoid the problem of tenants who don’t own vacuums, or can’t afford to buy them, you should consider purchasing a nice vacuum cleaner for your rental property.

A reliable vacuum will cost you about $150 but the long term return on investment will pay off since this will enable tenants to vacuum the carpeting themselves and help the carpeting to last longer.

Tip 4 – Get Carpeting Cleaned At Least Twice Per Year

Having carpeting professionally cleaned at least twice per year has been proven to keep carpeting looking great and lengthen it’s lifespan.

A professional carpet cleaning will cost under $300 for most rentals and besides helping your carpeting to last longer it will also help to keep your tenants healthy as well if they have allergies.

Professional Portland Oregon Rental Property Management

For more tips on how to save time and money in your Portland Oregon Rental Property, or to get a quote for our professional property management services, contact Property Management Systems today by calling us at (503) 515-3170.

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