7 Tips for Maintaining Electrical Safety at Your Portland Rental Properties

Portland Oregon Rental Properties

By Property Management Systems

You’ve worked hard to buy Portland Oregon Rental Properties over the years and now have a nice sized portfolio producing passive income every month but have you taken steps to insure electrical safety in each of your rental properties?

In today’s post we will share with you 7 tips you can use to insure the electrical safety in your Portland Oregon Rental Properties.

7 Electrical Safety Tips For Portland Oregon Rental Properties 

Tip #1 – Check electrical cords and make sure they are not running across bedrooms, under carpets, rugs or doorways.

Tip #2 – Verify that all light bulbs are the correct wattage for the fixtures or lamps they are being used in.

Tip #3 – Check all light switches and electrical outlets to make sure that they don’t feel warm to the touch.

Tip #4 – Ask tenants if they have had any blown fuses or tripping circuits recently.

Tip #5 – Confirm with tenants that heat producing appliances are only plugged into appliances one outlet at a time.

Tip #6 – Test GFCI’s and AFCi’s at least once a month to confirm they are functioning properly.

Tip #7 – Make sure that the area surrounding the electrical meter is clear of vehicles, debris and trash cans.

If electrical work is needed at your Portland Oregon rental property make sure that all work is done by a qualified electrician.

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