Portland Oregon Investment Property News – More Millennials Want to Live Downtown

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By Property Management Systems

As an owner of Portland Oregon Investment Property you’ve been hearing about millennials for a few years now, and it seems like there’s something new being reported about millennials in the news every day, because, this age group will shape our economy over the next 30 years, just like Baby Boomers have.

Did you know that more Millennials are searching for rental properties downtown versus in suburban or even rural areas? Here’s why.

80% of U.S. Population Lives DOWNTOWN

Thanks to recent statistics from CBR Global Investors it’s being reported that more millennials are searching for rentals downtown than in any other metro area across the United States.

To be exact close to 80% of the population is living in a downtown area right now and that figure is only expected to increase as we get closer to 2030.

Why are more millennials choosing urban locations when they want to buy or rent Portland Oregon Investment Property? One of the biggest reasons is convenience.

For example: in Portland we have a large amount of excellent restaurants, bars, shops and stores all within walking distance and what’s best of all is that if you don’t want to walk you can conveniently take public transportation to your destination.

Some BIG CITIES Are Seeing Population Declines

One interesting statistic from the CBR Global Investors statistics is that some big cities across the United States like New Orleans are seeing declines in their populations compared to cities like Portland and Chicago are seeing population increases.

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