Out of State Investor? Learn More How We Can Help You Grow Your Portfolio of Portland Oregon Income Properties


Ben Droukas and Bennet Van der Genugten of B&B Real Estate Group


Over the years we’ve been fortunate to build a client base of investors who own Portland Oregon Income Properties.

Many of our clients are located right here in the PDX area while others are located out of state.

As an out of state investor, we know that owning income properties that are not located in your home state can be stressful, especially if you’re trying to manage those properties yourself.

Thankfully, with Rent Portland Homes you can have complete confidence in choosing us to manage your investment properties.

In this video, Ben Droukas and Bennet Van der Genugten of B&B Real Estate Group (@bbrepdx) talk with Darla Andrew of Property Management Systems about what it’s like working with our company and how we’ve been an asset when it comes to managing properties for their out of state investors.

We Understand the Needs and Concerns of Investors

One of the first ways that we help our investor clients, especially those who are located out of state, or out of the country, is we “speak the language” of investors. This means that we’re on top of things like what the current market rent is for the PDX area and how long it’s going to rent our clients properties.

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Property Management Is the Key to Owning Income Properties

Buying an income property is the first part of the process of getting that property generating income. When investors choose us to manage their rentals for them, they can have complete confidence in our property management services including the following areas.

Communication with Investors – Our company takes pride in providing immediate answers to our clients especially when it comes to setting the correct market rent and answering questions about their rental properties.

Customer Service – Once the property is rented, our investor clients can have complete confidence that our property management team will handle all aspects of communication with their tenants so they can enjoy passive income from their rental properties.

Maintenance – When it comes time for maintenance, our investors can also have confidence that all aspects of maintenance will be professionally handled by our team of maintenance professionals so there’s nothing that an investor will have to do on their rental properties themselves.

Rent Collection – Another huge benefit that will come from hiring Property Management Systems to manage your Portland Oregon Income Properties is our rent collection services. We collect the rent on time from tenants each month and deposit the rent in our owner clients accounts so they don’t have to do any rent collection themselves.

Besides the services that we’ve mentioned in this article, we also provide our clients with professional marketing when it comes time to market their properties for rent again, tenant screening/selection, and so much more!

Real Estate Brokers – Let Us Be Your Property Management Partner

Many of the Real Estate partners that we work with like B&B Real Estate Group have investor clients who own portfolios of 10, 20 and 30 rental properties. When they choose us to be their property management partner, brokers like Ben and Bennett can trust us to be a resource that will help to ensure that their client’s properties continue earning good ROI.

The Real Estate Market moves fast and investors can trust property management systems to move fast right along with it!

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Contact Rent Portland Homes

To learn more about the property management services we can offer you for your portfolio of Portland Oregon income properties contact us today at (503) 515-3170 or click here to connect with us online.

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