Words to Avoid When Marketing Your Portland Oregon Rental Property Online

Do you have a Portland Oregon Rental Property for rent? If so, there are a variety of words that you should avoid when listing your property online.

In this article, we will list some of the words that you should avoid when listing your rental online and provide you with tips on how to write a great rental listing.

Words to Avoid Using in Your Listing





Old School

Needs Work






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What Else Should You Avoid Adding in Your Rental Listing?

Besides the words mentioned above, you should also avoid adding texting lingo or abbreviations in your rental property listing like the following:

Util: Utilities

Appl: Appliances

Sec: Security Deposit

Nwly Ren: Newly renovated

D/W: Dish washer

Balc: Balcony

FMR: First month’s rent

First Month Free - Management Fe

How to Write A Great Rental Listing

When writing a rental listing you should first focus on thinking like your tenant and posting information about the renal that would interest them

Some of the classic things that tenants everywhere are interested in include: location, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, square footage of the rental, amenities, front yard, back yard, school district, neighborhood, and nearby shops/stores.

Effectively Market Your Portland Rental Properties

How Long Should Your Listing Be?

The ideal description is 4-6 sentences. Pick two of your best features and one exciting attraction nearby. Short, informative sentences are all you need.

Rental listing descriptions are best formatted as a paragraph. Bullet-points are great for lists, but the description is not a list- it should be full of useful, persuasive information. It’s a more professional format.

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