Why Every Portland Real Estate Agent Needs a Property Management Partner

Why Every Portland Real Estate Agent Needs a Property Management Partner

Today we are talking about why Portland Realtors need to work with a professional property management company. This is a great topic because there are a number of benefits available to the real estate agents and their clients who develop relationships with a property management company. A good Portland property management company can be a wealth of knowledge for a Realtor. The Realtor’s client will also benefit from the accurate information about the rental market that a property management team member can provide.

Rental Knowledge

It’s important to have an accurate understanding of the rental market and what kinds of rents are standard. For example, a Realtor might be shopping for property in the Portland area with an investor and the investor will certainly ask the most important question of all: what will this house rent for? A Realtor who has a good relationship with a property management company can call and get a free and accurate rental assessment. Real estate agents understand the value of communication and the willingness of professionals to protect the relationship the agent or broker has established with the client.

Investors Support Program

At Property Management Systems, we have an Investors Support Program. We work with brokers and investors to provide multiple things. There’s a free rental analysis and the property manager meets with the Realtor and the investor at the property to consult on rent and potential improvements. We will discuss what kind of cash flow the investor might expect and we provide rental comparables for the area with pictures and information on square footage, bedrooms and bathrooms. We also include a list of preferred vendors, which can be a huge benefit to property investors.

Long Term Benefits

At PMS we provide a guaranteed protection plan. When we begin to manage a home on behalf of a Realtor’s client, we provide the Realtor with regular updates. Once the investor decides to sell instead of continuing to rent the property out, we work with the Realtor, client, tenant and buyer throughout the listing and sale to ensure the Realtor’s commission. Understanding the Landlord Tenant law when selling a home that’s occupied by a tenant is critical for any investor, and we provide that expertise.

Investors looking for a real estate agent or a broker to work with will certainly want to work with someone who has a property manager partner. The liability and the money that can be saved are well worth it. If you have any questions or you’re a Realtor looking for a property manager to help with your purchases and sales, please contact us at Property Management Systems.


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