Tips For Ensuring That Your Rental Property Is A Safe Place To Live

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Did you invest in a Portland Oregon rental property recently but you’re concerned about the safety of that property?

Rental property safety should be the #1 issue that landlords are concerned with because one accident or injury at your rental property could lead to a lawsuit and that property sitting vacant for months at a time.

Thankfully, you can easily ensure that your rental property is safe by following these simple tips:

Improve Stairs And Railings

One of the most common areas of a rental property that often gets less attention than it should be stairs and railings.

These areas are important because they are typically how tenants will access a rental property but if they are not well maintained over the years, they can easily fall into a state of disrepair.

If the stairs are made of wood, they should be replaced as soon as they begin to show signs of aging and decay.

  • Railings should be no less than 42 inches in height and they must not move easily.
  • Stairs should be refinished annually with a non-slip coating.
  • Dirt and other debris should be removed from the stairs to ensure that residents don’t trip and fall when entering the rental property.

Check Smoke Detectors

Every rental property has smoke detectors these days because they are affordable and the last line of defense that alerts tenants of smoke in their properties.

Sadly, most tenants don’t check their smoke detectors at all and they often let the batteries die without doing anything about it.

Replace the batteries in your property smoke detectors at least 3 times a year to ensure that they are functioning normally and able to do their job should fire break out at your property.

Replace Older Doors

Last of all, but most important, if your property has older exterior doors, you should replace them with steel security doors because they are hard to kick in, fireproof, and they will offer your tenants a sense of security when they come home each night.

When replacing doors, you should replace the locks on those Portland doors as well, check windows to verify that they lock tightly and you should also consider investing in a security system for your rental property a well if it’s needed.

Contact Rent Portland Homes

At Rent Portland Homes, we offer local property management and can save you the time, money, and hassle of managing your property yourself.

To learn more about the property management services we can offer you, contact us today by clicking here.

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