5 Reasons Why Rental Properties In Portland Make An Excellent Investment

Are you thinking about investing but you’re not sure if you should invest in rental properties in Portland Oregon or Stocks?

Even though the stock market and Bitcoin are both irresistible investments right now, the reality is that Portland Oregon rental properties are also an excellent investment, especially for these reasons.

Reason #1 – Stable And Predictable

Throughout the ups, and downs, of the economy, and the stock market, rental properties have continued to remain fairly stable and predictable because they are an asset that people must have so single-family rentals, apartments, townhomes, and condos rentals will always be in demand.

Reason #2 – Get Started Using Leverage

With rental properties, you can purchase them using other people’s money (OPM) and you can leverage the properties that you buy to purchase other Portland Rental Properties

rental properties in portland

Reason #3 – Can Be A Passive Investment

Other huge benefits that come from investing in rental properties are that they can be a passive investment, especially when you hire a property management company like Rent Portland Homes.

With a property manager, you can live in Portland, or elsewhere across the United States, and enjoy the cash flow plus ROI that comes from owning rental properties.

Reason #4 – An Investment That’s Paid Off For Others Before

Still on the fence about investing in rental properties? You can have peace of mind investing in rentals because they are an investment that’s paid off for millions of people across the United States before, and it’s going to pay off for you as well.

Reason #5 – Simple And Easy To Understand

Unlike some investments, including Bitcoin, that may require some study to understand, with rental properties, they are simple and easy to understand.

A rental property is an asset that people need and when you take the time to maintain the property plus offer value to your tenants, it’s an investment that will continue to earn ROI for you, for years to come.

Contact Rent Portland Homes

Once you invest in a rental property, don’t make the mistake of managing that property yourself. Contact the experienced property management team at Rent Portland Homes today by clicking here.


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