Tips for Creating the Best Portland Oregon Rental Property Listing

rental property listing

It doesn’t matter if you just purchased your first Portland Oregon rental property, or you’ve owned rentals for years, one of the keys to success with finding the most qualified tenants is writing the best rental property listing.

Many owners fail at writing great listings, and it doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you follow these tips for writing the best listing possible for your rental property.

Tip #1 – Think About What Your Rental Has To Offer

During the process of writing your rental property listing, you should focus on using the right words that accurately represent your listing and will target your desired audience.

To use the right words in your listing, think about what it has to offer, where it’s located, and what amenities are included with your listing because these specific things always interest renters.

Tip #2 – Words To Avoid Using In Your Rental Property Listing

As you are writing your rental listing you should AVOID using words that may potentially drive renters away. Some of the words that you should avoid using at all costs include:

  • Cheap – What you rent your property for should speak for itself so you should never use this word in a listing since it will only paint a negative picture in the mind of potential renters and make them think that the quality of your rental is cheap as well.
  • Eclectic – Never use this word in a listing because renters may think something wrong like the toilet for your rental is also located in the kitchen so to avoid giving renters the wrong impression, you should use the most descriptive, accurate words as possible when writing your listing.
  • Cozy – This is another word that you should avoid using in your rental property listing at all costs because it will give make renters think that your rental is too small for them so you instead of using the word cozy, you should include the square feet of the unit instead.
  • Clean – Yes, you may thoroughly clean your rentals before listing them but you shouldn’t advertise them as being clean since this might arouse the suspicion of potential tenants and cause them to wonder what really may be wrong with your rental property.
  • Modern – Although you may have recently updated your Portland Oregon Rental Property you shouldn’t list it as being “modern” because this is phrase that’s often overused when instead of listing it as being “modern”, the owner should instead list the specific features of their rental property that they recently updated.
  • Penthouse – You may think that your rental property has a “penthouse” quality but unless it’s on the top floor of a building you shouldn’t list it as being so because that’s deceptive advertising and you don’t won’t to list your rental property as being something that it’s not.
  • Original – Another important word that you shouldn’t use when marketing your rental property is the word original because, some people think that the word original means “old” so instead of listing the word original, you should instead list the specific features that your home has to offer like custom built-ins original windows, wood floors, or exposed brick just so prospective renters know what to expect when they move into your home.

Tip #3 – Get Your Rental Property Ready for Pictures and Video by Doing the Following

Besides writing the very best rental property listing possible, another key to success with creating a great listing is taking excellent pictures and video of your Portland Oregon Rental Property.

Although pictures and video are important, before taking pictures and videos of your rental property you should first get your rental ready by thoroughly cleaning your rental from top-to-bottom, cleaning all windows, changing light bulbs.

Once your rental property is cleaned you should also stage it with furniture once your tenants move out because it will be easier to rent your rental property once it’s staged since your tenants will be able to picture themselves living there rather than seeing a rental that has empty rooms.

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