Portland Oregon Rental – Over $400 BILLION Spent On Rental Properties In 2014

Portland Oregon Rental

Portland Oregon Rental


By Property Management Systems

It’s April 2015 and everyone is telling you to buy a Portland Oregon Rental Property to add Real Estate to your portfolio and best of all so you can generate cash flow but you’re still not sure yet if buying rental property is right for you.

Although the reasons to invest in Real Estate are obvious right now did you know that over $400 billion dollars were spent on rentals across the United States in 2014 alone?

The amount of money spent on Portland Oregon Rental Property and rental homes actually increased by $20 billion dollars from 2013 and most economists expect this trend to continue through 2015.

Why Rent Instead Of Buy?

Thanks to the recent economic collapse, more people than ever before are choosing to rent Portland Oregon Rental property, instead of buying homes, and this is good news for anyone who owns rental property.

Most economists are predicting that rent will increase once again in 2015, just like it did during 2014, and this means more positive cash flow for owners of rental property in Portland and across the United States.


Hire the RIGHT Property Management Team

Are you searching for rental property in Portland, Hillsboro, Tigard or other communities? Let us help you make sense of the booming Oregon rental market.

Times have changed and you need the right team in place who is experienced at finding the right tenants for your rental properties and managing all of your property management needs so you don’t have to.

Learn More About Portland Oregon Rental Property 


To learn more about which Portland Oregon Rental Property would be right for your portfolio, or to speak with our team about how we will professionally manage your rental property, contact Property Management Systems today by calling us at (503) 515-3770.

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