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In this article we will share with you several tips you should follow before renting your property because every prospective tenant has certain “expectations” before they move into a single family home, condo, or town home and it’s the job of the owner, or property manager, to make sure that they meet those expectations before renting their properties.

About The Flooring inside Your Rental Property

As long time Portland Oregon Property Management professionals one very important thing you should know before renting your property is that every tenant will expect the flooring to be clean before they move into the rental property, and by clean we mean that the carpet or flooring will be free of bugs and clean enough for them to walk on barefoot without their feet turning black.

Should you have the carpets or flooring in your rental property professional cleaned before your tenants move in? The answer to this Portland Property Management question depends on the state of your rental property after the previous tenants have moved out so the best thing to do is use wisdom and do your best to have it clean and presentable for your next tenants before they move in.

One of the best things you can do to save yourself a lot of time and money when it comes to squabbles with your tenants over the condition of the rental property when they move in is to document the condition of your rental property thoroughly with pictures and video plus written documentation so you know the “real” condition of the property when they moved in and how they left it when they moved out.

Condition of the Walls

Another important Portland Oregon Property Management tip that we want to share with you concerns the condition of the paint inside of your rental property.

You should always do your best to make sure that the walls inside your rental property are clean before a tenant moves in and if painting is needed you shouldn’t hesitate to do some painting because one of your goals as a property owner should also be to rent a property that you could see yourself living there, if needed.

Although you’re not legally required to repaint before a tenant moves into your rental property (unless the walls were painted with lead based paint prior to 1978) you should also do your best to make sure that your home, condo or townhome has walls that are free of holes, nails or other hazards that might be dangerous for renters that have small children.

Cleaning Your Portland Rental Property

Over the years in Portland Oregon Property Management we’ve seen many property owners make good and bad decision regarding cleaning their rental properties and unless you have the property managed professionally by us, we encourage you to consider cleaning to be a necessity for your property because a clean rental is at the top of the list of tenant expectations and you should always want to make sure that your rental is clean/presentable before new tenants move in.

Sadly, some tenants may think that the rental property should be clean enough to pass a military cleaning inspection but the reality here is that if your rental property has clean walls, carpeting, flooring, windows, sills, appliances and blinds then that should be enough cleaning for any tenant who is searching for the right Portland Oregon Rental Property.

When it comes Time for General Maintenance

The longer you own rental property in Portland Oregon you will find the need to perform general maintenance on your rental property from time to time especially when a tenant calls you with a maintenance request, or you have your rental property inspected, and find out that there is general maintenance that needs to be performed on your rental.

Whenever the need to perform general maintenance comes up, especially if your tenant calls with maintenance requests, you shouldn’t hesitate to get the maintenance done because, making promises you can’t keep, or leaving maintenance issues unresolved, will only irritate your Portland Oregon Renters and make them search for rental properties elsewhere.

Know when it’s time For Portland Oregon Property Management

If you’re thinking about growing your portfolio of Portland Oregon rental properties one thing that you should consider doing sooner, rather than later, is hiring a Portland Oregon Property Management professional to manage your portfolio of rental properties for you because we will take the “heavy lifting” off you when it comes to property maintenance so you can focus on possibly investing in another rental.

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Many tenants in Portland Oregon, and elsewhere across the United States, view owning Portland Rental Properties as an example of the new “American Dream” and it makes sense as a property owner for you to do your best to insure that your rental properties are clean and professionally managed every time for new tenants.

In today’s rental market, especially with Portland Oregon Rentals, many Baby Boomers are choosing to live in town, close to restaurants and amenities while Millennials are choosing to live in condos or townhomes outside of town so they can have an easier commute to work and accomplish their financial goals.

The Portland Oregon Rental market continues to remain one of the most competitive places to rent in the United States as the supply of homes for sale has dropped over 30 percent since April of 2015 and this has sent many people who would normally be buyers to the rental market.


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