Portland Is One of The Top Cities for Connectivity and Speed in The United States

Thanks to recent data from Commercial Café, we know that Portland is one of the top cities in the United States for internet connectivity and speed. This is good news for anyone for the PDX area because the economy is changing due to coronavirus and more people are self-distancing to stop it’s spread in the United States.

Working from home in the Portland area is no longer a “trend” that few people engaged in. As of March 2020, we may see more people working from home for the next 30 days or longer as Oregon and other states grapple with how to slow the spread of the worst pandemic that the United States has seen in 100 years.

Portland, OR – A Top City for Connectivity and Speed

Let’s face it, when you have to work from home there’s nothing worse than having intermittent internet that has a seriously slow speed.

Thankfully, multiple internet options are available in the Portland area, including high-speed carriers, so it’s possible to have the fastest internet speeds possible for great prices.

The Commercial Café study was based on data from Broadband now and the United States Census bureau. It showed both the best and worst states in the USA for internet speed and connectivity including which households have active internet access and at least one computer in the home.

In 2020 it’s quite possible to find internet access just about everyone, especially thanks to mobile broadband which enables consumers to have internet access even when they are on Mt. Hood or at the beach in Seaside.

With great internet connectivity and speed in the Portland area, people who live here can work from home with confidence and do things like have video conferences, design or create new apps, just like they would normally do at their offices.

About Portland Internet Connectivity

In Portland 90.7% of households have an internet subscription, placing the city 5th among the 20 most connected cities in the country. However, the internet speed in Oregon is only 39.1 Mbps, while the fastest state is New Jersey topping out at 52 Mbps.

About the Commercial Café Study

Portland ranked #5 on the list of top cities in the United States for internet connectivity and speed but what other cities ranked on the top of the list?

It’s no surprise that San Jose ranked #1 since it’s primarily a tech community, San Diego ranked #2, Seattle #3 and Austin came in at #4.

Also, on the commercial café list of cities with the top internet speeds is Denver, Los Angeles, Boston, Jacksonville, and Fort Worth. The cities that have the slowest internet speeds and connectivity in the United States include Vermont, Maine, and Montana.

Coronavirus has had an effect on businesses in Portland and across the United States but the good news is that anyone in the PDX area who has to work from home can do so with confidence knowing that they will have the same connectivity and speed that they would in their offices.

How long will coronavirus last? The answer to this question is anyone’s guess. As of March 2020, the United States is only now starting to feel the effects of this virus as California and New York just closed all non-essential businesses and are telling people to stay home.

Our hopes are that coronavirus will be over fast and businesses will be allowed to return to normal in Portland and other cities across the United States.

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