Now Is the Right Time to Convert Your Airbnb To A Long-Term Rental

There’s no doubt that Coronavirus is changing the rental market, especially in the Portland Oregon area where many short-term rentals and Airbnb’s have sat vacant for the last month or longer. Thankfully, investors who own sort term rentals can get them back into profit again by converting them to regular rental properties. 

long term rental properties

The Right Time For Long Term Rental Properties

From Portland OR, to Boston, the outlook for the short-term rental market is grim because stay at home orders and lockdowns nationwide are killing short term rental properties as most Airbnb’s and other short-term rental properties have sat vacant.

Will the short-term rental market recover this year? It’s more likely that the short-term rental market will begin to recover in 2021 and beyond as more people go back to work and life starts to return to “normal”.

In the meantime, it makes sense for owners in the PDX area to start converting their short-term rentals to properties that they can rent to tenants for the next 6 months to one year.

short term rental properties

Why Work with Rent Portland Homes?

At Rent Portland Homes, we’re still working even during coronavirus and lockdowns. Unlike other companies in the PDX area, we utilize the latest technology which enables us to work remotely while continuing to manage our client’s rental properties as normal.

One of the best technology tools that we use is Rently, this technology enables us to continue showing homes because tenants go through Rently’s verification system online so that when they finally do show up to tour a property, they are fully vetted and we know when the prospective enters and leaves they property they are self-touring.

Besides Rently, we also utilize advanced online marketing for promoting our client’s properties online and our company also offers an online owners’ portal that enables our owner clients to have all documents about their properties available at their fingertips.

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