Portland Oregon Property Management – Are You An Early Responder To Your Renter Leads?

Portland Property Management

By Fred Marlow

PORTLAND, Ore. What is your most pressing problem when it comes to Portland Oregon Property Management?

Is it rent collection?


Customer service?

If you’re like most property owners you have a hard time with not responding to renter leads quick enough and what you don’t realize is that this is the biggest part of your business that you should paying the most attention to right now.

Why You Should Respond Quicker To Your Leads

Although you might not think that you’re a salesperson the reality is that sales is a part of our game when we are involved in Portland Oregon Property Management or we own rental properties because, if those properties aren’t rented quickly we’re losing money.

Studies have shown that if you call a lead back within 24 hours you are less likely to rent to rent to that individual compared to if you were to call them back within just one hour of them calling and leaving a message with you.

This might not sound like effective Portland Oregon Portland Oregon Property management if you are already working in another job and have a family to manage but it’s an effective sales strategy that will help you to rent your property quicker.

When to Call

Let’s say that you’ve run some ads online and are getting a ton of calls but don’t have time to do your call backs.

The best days of the week to call leads back are Wednesdays and Thursdays while the best times of the day to call leads are between 8:00 am to 9:00 am or 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Professionalism Counts

When you call a lead back make sure that you always talk with them on “their time” and not yours. This means you should be willing to call someone back and not pressure a lead if they don’t have the time to speak with you now.

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