Simple Holiday Home Safety Advice

Simple Holiday Home Safety Advice

With all of the other things going on, protecting your home during the holidays can be a challenge. However, holiday home safety is even more important because of the increased frequency of break-ins and accidents this time of year. There are several things to consider to ensure that your house is safe from the forces of nature, burglars and other things that could cause harm during the holiday season.

Put Deadbolts On All Doors

Deadbolts are some of the best locks available to withstand a break-in. They cannot be picked or opened using a credit card like spring-latch locks. It is wise to have deadbolts on front and back doors for an extra layer of security against burglars that sometimes increase the amount of homes they target during the holidays.

Test Your Smoke Detectors

Holiday home safety does not end with securing your home from external threats. During the holiday season, there is often a large amount of cooking and baking going on, which means increased risk of fires. Smoke detectors need to be in working order to ensure maximum holiday home safety.

Do Not Advertise Holiday Plans

If you are going out of town to visit family, do not post this information on social media networks. Do not tell any strangers or people that you do not trust about your holiday travel plans. This will tip off burglars that your home is an easy target. Read More – Old Dominion Realty>

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