Are You Making Mistakes When Listing Your Portland Rental Properties Online?


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Have you been making mistakes when listing your Portland Rental Properties Online? If so, this could be one of the reasons why your tenants have not been renewing their leases each year, or you’ve been having more problems with tenants that you may have had in the past.

Thankfully, avoiding mistakes when listing a Portland Oregon Rental Property online is easy if you follow these easy tips.

Tip #1 – Don’t Forget Your Audience

Before listing your Portland Rental just anywhere online you should first think about your target audience because having a target audience will ensure that you list your property on the right websites and create a more concise rental description that’s specifically written for that audience.

Although your goal with writing a description for your rental property is to attract a specific group of tenants, you should also write your listing so that it appeals to a broad group of viable tenants.

For example:

Let’s say that you own a 3 bedroom, 2-bathroom home in Portland, you could write your listing for people with or without children by saying that the 3rd bedroom would make a perfect nursery while making your listing appealing to couples without children by saying that the 3rd bedroom would also make a nice home office or workout room.

Tip #2 – Tell A Story When Writing Your Rental Listing

Now that you know to write to your core audience when creating a rental listing, you should also write a compelling Portland Oregon Rental listing that isn’t boring. By this we mean you should focus on telling a story so that your ideal tenant can picture themselves living in your rental property.

For example:

If your rental property has plenty of built-ins you could say that your rental property has ample shelf space and would be perfect for the college student or if your home has a chef’s kitchen you could write a listing that gets prospective tenants to imagine themselves cooking their next Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen.

When writing your rental property, listing keep in mind that one of your primary goals should also be to market your rental as a “home” instead of just another rental because this will ultimately attract your ideal tenant who has been searching for a rental property with features like yours.

Tip #3 – Stage Your Portland Rental Property BEFORE Taking Photos

In the Real Estate world, just about every Realtor® knows the importance of staging a home or rental property before they list it but sadly when it comes to rental properties many owners will take pictures of empty rooms and then wonder why their rentals are not getting any interest from renters.

Staging a rental property is important because it gets a potential tenant to envision themselves living in the rental and thinking about how space would be best used, rather than having to guess how they would use a space until they visit the Portland Rental Property in person.

Is your rental currently unoccupied and doesn’t have any furniture? You should consider renting furniture for a weekend or use your own furniture to stage it because this investment of time and money will really pay off when it comes to attracting the right tenants who will take care of and enjoy living in your rental property.

Don’t have the right equipment to take professional photos yourself? You should consider hiring a professional photographer or college student for at least one hour to take pictures of your rental, rather than using your phone or tablet for pictures because, this investment will be create the right visual stimulus for attracting your ideal tenants and you will be able to use those pictures again when renting your property in the years to come when you save them to disk.

Another important thing to do when taking pictures of your Portland Rental Property is to also pair photos with great descriptions that trigger a viewer’s imagination and get themselves to think about the possibility of living in your rental property.

Tip #4 – Be Specific About Policies at Your Rental Property

Another very important thing to do when marketing your Portland Oregon Rental Property is to be very specific about the policies that you have at your rental, especially if you don’t allow pets or smoking because a prospective tenant will eventually ask about your policies at the rental and you can save time by listing those policies in advance online.

Tip #5 – Talk About the Community

Last of all, but most important, every renter in some way wants to be a part of a community so another handy thing that you should do when renting your Portland Oregon Rental Property is to talk about the community and what it has to offer.

For example:

Let’s say that you own a multi-family unit, you could take about the features that your building offers including a swimming pool, recreation room or fitness center.

If you own a single family detached home you could write about the parks, shops, stores and restaurants that are in the community or how your rental property is within walking distance of everything that Portland has to offer.

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