Portland Houses for Rent by Owner – 7 Reasons to Stop DIY Management


By Property Management Systems

PORTLAND, Ore. – Are you still listing your properties for rent in the Portland houses for rent by owner section of craigslist, or your favorite online publication? If so, if so, here are 7 reasons to stop DIY property management and outsource the management of your rental properties with our professional property management company.

#1 – We Will Help You Set the Correct Rent for Your Rental Property

Although it may be easy for you to look through the portland houses for rent by owner section of websites like craigslist to see what comparable homes are renting for in Portland, this isn’t always the best way to determine the best rental price for your property.

Our property management team will complete a thorough market study based on real data to determine what the best price your Portland Oregon rental property should be rented for each month.

#2 – Our Company Will Collect and Deposit Your Rent Payments On time

Another HUGE benefit of working with a professional property management company instead of renting your home yourself on websites that list portland houses for rent by owner, is that we will always collect rent and deposit your monthly rent payments on time each month.

You will no longer have to worry about dealing with tenants who don’t pay their rent on time, or the age old excuse of “the check is in the mail” because our billing department has an efficient system in place that makes collecting rent a breeze and you will be able to enjoy consistent cash flow from your rental property that you can count on.

#3 – When It Comes Time to Marketing We Will Advertise Your Property for You

One of the most common things that people who list their portland houses for rent by owner online hate doing is marketing or advertising their properties. The reason why most owners hate this part of owning rental properties is because they don’t know where to market their rental properties online while other owners just don’t like having to sell people on the benefits of living in their rental properties.

Thankfully, with our Portland Oregon Property Management team, you can also count on us to market your rental properties for you and do things like creating a compelling listing, take pictures, shoot awesome video and ultimately screen the best tenants who would be a perfect fit to live in your rental property.

#4 – Our Team Will Screen the Right Tenants

Yes, we know that listing your house on a portland houses for rent by owner site is easy but will this aspect of DIY property management help you to reach the right tenants? The answer is probably not. With our property management team you can count on us screening the right tenants and take care of all the seemingly mundane, but important, tasks of property management like criminal background checks, running credit reports, employment verification, security checks and reviewing references from a tenant’s previous landlords.

portland houses for rent by owner

#5 – Excellent Tenant Management

After we find the right tenants for you the next way we will save you the hassle of listing your home on sites like portland houses for rent by owner is our excellent tenant management. Our team will handle all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship including things like routine or emergency maintenance, inspection, and conflict resolution so you won’t have to do any of that yourself.

Tenant management is usually where many landlords spend the most time, especially when it comes to issues like conflict resolution, emergency calls or routine maintenance. Thankfully with our property management team, you can count on us to handle all of the day-to-day tasks of tenant management so you can essentially reclaim your life and enjoy hands-off, passive, rental income once again.

#6 – Managing All Vendor Relationships

If you’ve listed your home on portland houses for rent by owner websites for any length of time you know that at one point you have to create a file of vendors, contractors, tradesmen or maintenance workers that you can call should you need help with routine maintenance or resolving a maintenance problem at your rental property.

When you choose us to manage your Portland Rental Property you can throw away your vendor file and leave managing vendor relationships to us because we have an extensive database of trusted vendors, construction professionals and tradesmen in the Portland area that we trust and know will provide excellent service for our owner clients for the best prices.

#7 – Our Team Will Ensure That Your Property Is In Compliance With Regulations and Laws

Last of all, but most important, once you stop listing your rental properties on sites which feature portland houses for rent by owner, and let us manage your rental property for you, we will ensure that your rental is in compliance with all state / federal housing regulations and laws, including ADA laws, so you can keep your property up to date and avoid lawsuits.

Stop Listing Your Home On Portland Houses For Rent By owner Websites

Tired of managing your rental property or listing it on portland houses for rent by owner websites yourself? If so, contact Property Management Systems today by calling us at (503) 515-3170 or click here to connect with us online.

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