How Rent Portland Homes Gets Your Home Rented Fast

Are you planning on renting out your Portland Oregon Home? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

At Property Management Systems (Rent Portland Homes), we specialize in using the Internet to generate the most attention and interest in our client’s homes so that we can get those properties rented as quickly as possible.

In this article we will describe how our marketing process works and what online tools we use for renting our clients properties.

We “Bring the Home to The Renter”

Thanks to the Internet, we’re essentially able to “bring the home to the renter”. This means that a renter can use Instagram to view pictures of one of the properties that we manage online and YouTube to view video walk throughs of properties so that they can walk through a Portland Oregon Rental Property without actually visiting it in person.

Online tools like Instagram and YouTube offer our company a HUGE advantage because they give us the ability to market the properties that we manage to a wide audience.

Both websites also save renters time because a potential renter doesn’t have to first visit one of our properties in person, they can tour it online from their laptop and then decide if they want to visit that property or not in person after they take their “online tour”.

Our online marketing process has also been highly effective at reaching people from out of state who are interested in relocating to Portland Oregon and want to learn more about rentals in the area before they are physically here.

How Our Online Marketing Process Works

Besides reaching renters who are relocating to the PDX area from out of state, our online property marketing also helps owners as well. How? An owner doesn’t have to concern themselves with marketing, they can rely on Rent Portland Homes to professionally market their property online and have confidence that we will screen and place the most qualified tenants to live in their rental property.

If you watch our videos on YouTube or view pictures of our properties on Instagram, you will see that we are very thorough when doing a “walk through” of a property. We’re going to show the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, garage, and unique details that a property offers so a potential tenant feels like they’ve toured the property and will be ready to rent that property when they contact us.

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