Does A Move-In Walkthrough Benefit Landlords?


In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for some rental property landlords to do everything online and not physically see their tenants in person.

Sadly, even though renting a property over the internet is convenient, the reality is that landlords are missing out by not having a rental property walkthrough.

Even though owners want to utilize technology to market, screen, and place the most qualified tenants, the reality is that they shouldn’t neglect the rental property walkthrough, especially for these reasons.

Reason #1 – Builds Trust With The Tenant

The first reason why landlords should have a rental property walkthrough is that it builds trust with the tenant.

When an owner walks tenants through a rental property, they build trust with the tenant by showing them that they want to provide the tenant with a quality place to live.

The walkthrough also shows the tenant that the landlord is accessible and wants to resolve issues with the property when they arise.


Reason #2 – Helps Landlords Establish House Rules For The Property

Another reason why landlords shouldn’t want to do a property walk-through with their tenants is the walkthrough helps them establish ‘house rules’ for the property.

This means that the landlord can firmly establish what’s acceptable in the rental property like if smoking and pets are not allowed.

During the walkthrough, landlords should also remind their tenants when rent is due when it’s late and how/where it can be paid.

Once the rules are firmly established, the landlord can also remind the tenant about the consequences for violating the rules, just so the landlord and tenant are on the same page.

Reason #3 – Establishes The Move In Condition Of The Property

Last of all, but most important landlords should always take pictures and video of the property during the walkthrough just so they know the condition the property was in before the tenant moved in.

Investing time in the walkthrough will eliminate the chance of the tenant disputing damages in the property at move out because the landlord will have documented evidence of the true condition of the property when the tenant was moving in.

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