Should You Add A Raised Garden Bed To Your Portland Rental Property?

One important thing you must do as a landlord is always be looking for ways to get more ROI from your PDX rental property, and adding a raised garden bed is one way to do that.

Raised garden beds are important because will attract renters who want to have outside space and those renters will most likely renew their lease because, tenants who feel more ‘connected’ to the property will be more inclined to stay, especially if they’ve grown plants or vegetables in the garden.

What Does It Cost To Add A Raised Garden Bed?

Thankfully, you can add a raised garden bed to your property for under $200 because all you need is some treated lumber and topsoil for the property.

Before adding a raised garden bed, it’s best to make sure that you’re allowed to add one if your property is part of a Homeowners Association (HOA).

If your home is not part of an HOA, you can move forward with building a raised garden bed on your property immediately, just make sure that you choose a location that’s going to get a lot of sun during the year.

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How To Add More Tenant Friendly Features To Your Rental Property?

Besides adding a raised garden bed to your Portland Oregon Rental Property, you should also consider adding other tenant-friendly features including a dog run and storage shed as well.

Adding both of these features will attract a wider pool of tenants but what’s best of all is that both of these upgrades will enable you to charge tenants extra every month as well.

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