Are You Finding A-Rated Tenants For Your Portland Rental Property?

Portland Rental Property

By Property Management Systems

As the owner of Portland Rental Property one of the keys to your success is going to be finding A-Rated tenants for your rental property.

What is an A-Rated tenants and how can you find them?

In this article we will break down the secrets for finding A-Rated tenants and how they will only help you to grow your portfolio of Portland Oregon Rental Properties.

Learn More about A-Rated Tenants

An A-Rated Tenant is someone you were able very that they would be a great renter by doing the following:

  • Credit verification – Can easily be done online in minutes.
  • Work verification – This part of the verification process is especially important because renters sometimes use “fuzzy” work references when renting property.
  • Personal reference verification – An essential part of the verification process since a potential tenants references will really tell the tale if they would be a good renter or not.
  • Background check – When doing this part of the verification process you will be able to really learn more about a tenants past including if they’ve been arrested or convicted of a crime in the past.

Why Some Owners Will Fail At Finding A-Rated Tenants

Sadly, some owners might fail at finding A-Rated tenants because they advertise for tenants on the wrong websites like:, or

Other owners might fail at finding A-Rated tenants because, they rent to friends and family members or they neglect to do their reference and background checks before renting to someone.

Rent Your Portland Oregon Rental Property 

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