Why Are Rental Property Inspections So Important?

One of the keys to success with owning rental properties in Portland Oregon, or elsewhere nationwide, is having regular rental property inspections.  

Property inspections are important because they save owners the hassle of having to fix problems and make extensive repairs that could have been less costly to resolve had they been found earlier.

Some landlords may be opposed to regular rental property inspections because they want to give tenants their space, but the reality is that having periodic inspections also ensures that tenants follow their landlord’s rules.

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When To Have Rental Property Inspections

Depending on the lease, landlords should schedule routine rental property inspections every 3-6 months because this will help the owner to catch problems that just may be popping up while they provide their tenant with great service and support.

Some of the most common things to review during a rental property inspection include:

  • Plumbing – Check for leaks.
  • Doors and windows – Make sure they stay closed, are secure, and have tight seals.
  • Electrical – Check all switches and outlets in the rental unit to verify that they are in proper working order.
  • Walls – Verify that the walls don’t have cracks that should be patched and repainted
  • Condition of property – The property should be inspected to confirm that the tenant is taking good care of the rental and not abusing it.
  • Pets – If pets are not allowed, the rental should be inspected for signs of pets.
  • Decorating – Confirm that the tenant has not gone overboard with their decorating choices or made changes to the property that will have to be repaired when they move out.

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Listen To the Tenant

Besides the actual property inspection, another part of this process is listening to the tenant’s feedback about the property and moving forward with suggestions that they offer for things that should be repaired or need to be improved.

Listening to the tenant’s suggestions shows them that they mean more to the landlord than just a payday and that the landlord is going to do everything they can to provide them with a well-managed rental that they will enjoy.

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