What Do Portland Oregon Renters Really Want?

Portland Oregon Renters

By Property Management Systems

If you own Rental Property one of the biggest questions you should ask is what do Portland Oregon Renters really want?

This question is important because in 2015 we have a growing economy and more renters than ever before are searching for rental properties that they will really love, versus properties that they will just settle for.

Here are 7 things today’s Portland Oregon Renter is searching for:


More renters than ever before are searching for apartments, town homes, condos or single family homes in Portland which are near the best restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues that the city has to offer them.

Tip – If your rental is located near an exciting location like a great restaurant don’t hesitate to market the awesome location on your rental listing.


A renter in 2015 wants to see that the property they are going to rent has been recently updated or renovated and comes with modern appliances and or amenities.

Square Footage

The size of the rental is also an important feature which most renters want in 2015 and it pays to highlight the size of your Portland Rental Property especially if it’s in a desirable location.


Besides size, renovation and square footage, renters are also searching for properties which are located near public transportation and major highways or roads so they can get to work without a long commute.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Although some people might not like stainless steel appliances, the reality is that they are still desirable in 2015, along with marble counter tops, and you shouldn’t hesitate to market these important features of your rental property.


Does your rental property in Portland offer great parking either on street or off street? If so, this is also another important amenity you should be promoting with your rental listing because, parking can get expensive as there are fewer non-pay parking lots and spaces available across Portland than ever before.

Learn More about Portland Oregon Renters

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