What Are your 2021 Goals For Your Portland Oregon Rental Properties?

Portland Oregon Rental Properties

If you own Portland Oregon Rental Properties, now is the perfect time to start looking ahead to 2021 and setting up goals for the new year, especially goals that you hope to accomplish for your rental properties in Portland OR.

In this article, we will layout some goals you should hope to accomplish in 2021 that will help you to grow your portfolio of Portland Oregon rental properties.

Goal #1 – Invest In Quality Rental Property Marketing

Quality rental property marketing is the key to success in attracting the best tenants to your rental property because posting old pictures and videos of your property just won’t do.

The great thing about quality rental property marketing is that it’s cost-effective to hire a professional photographer to take quality pictures and videos of your rental property in Portland because that quality content is what’s going to attract the best tenants.

Tip – Before having pictures or video taken of your property, you should invest in staging your property.

Staging is important because it’s what’s going to help prospective renters imagine themselves living there, instead of seeing pictures of empty, nicely carpeted bedrooms.

Goal #2 – Update These Three Key Areas Of Your Rental Property

The next goal that you should have for 2021 is to update the curb appeal, kitchen, and bathrooms in your rental property.

Property updates are important because they will help to boost the value of your property while offering more value for your tenant as well.

Curb Appeal – Consider adding drought-tolerant landscaping. This type of landscaping is easier to manage than traditional landscaping, cost-effective and it will lower water usage at your property as well because your tenant won’t have to water it very often.

Kitchen – Refinish the kitchen cabinets, add new door/drawer hardware, add a backsplash, and paint the kitchen a neutral color.

Bathroom – Replace flooring (especially carpeting), refinish or repaint cabinetry and focus on adding shelving because most tenants want more shelving and it’s sadly lacking in the average rental property bathroom.

Goal #3 – Communicate With Your Tenants More Often

When was the last time that you communicated with your tenants? If it’s been a while, you should focus on making 2021 the year that you communicate with them more often.

Offer your tenants multiple ways to get in touch with you via email, text, or phone calls.

For best results with managing calls, you should sign up with a call center because this will make managing those calls easier and help you to avoid burnout, especially if your tenants call you at night, during weekends or holidays.

Goal #4 – Invest In Automation

So far, we’ve offered you several important goals that you should consider for 2021 but one of the most important goals by far is to invest in automation.

Rently is one of the best automation tools that you can work with because it will save you the hassle of having to show your properties to your tenants since Rently technology makes it possible for tenants to tour rental properties safely and securely on their own.

Rently’s advanced self-touring technology allows a prospective renter to tour a vacant unit without the presence of an agent. Prospects can register for a self-tour online. We have a 6-layer advanced security system that vets a prospect’s ID, Selfie, Credit Card, and performs an AI-powered fraud detection screening. Once approved, the prospective renter will receive a one-time entry code to gain access to the community and available unit.

Goal #5 – Hire A Property Manager in Portland Oregon

Last of all, but most important, you should consider hiring a property manager in Portland to professionally manage your rental properties for you.

At Rent Portland Homes, we specialize in boutique-style property management. This means that we treat every client like they are our only client.

Our company has an on-staff property management team that specializes in maintenance, customer service, accounting, customer service, property marketing, and more!

Besides the wide variety of property management services that we can offer you, our company also uses Rently, and the best online marketing platforms, to professionally market or client’s rental properties online.

For more information about Rent Portland Homes, and the services that we can offer you, contact us today by clicking here to connect with us online.

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