What Are The Best Ways To Communicate With Your Tenants?

Besides tenant screening, communicating with your tenants is one of the keys to earning passive income from your rental properties.

Sadly, many landlords fail at tenant communication and they find themselves frustrated with their at some point during a tenant’s 12-month lease.

Thankfully, tenant communication is a lot easier than most landlords think, especially if they follow these tips for communicating with their renters. 

Best Ways To Communicate With Your Tenants

Tip #1 – Texting 

Even though most landlords have answering services that they use to communicate with their tenants, the reality is that even with an answering service, it’s easy for many landlords to miss communication with their renters.

Texting is one solution to the problem because this form of communication is instant and enables landlords and tenant to communicate with each other immediately.

The problem with a landlord giving their phone number to their tenant is that some renters may end up texting their landlord all the time. This is why a landlord should set up an alternate service for texting like WhatsApp, Messenger, Google Voice, or another comparable service.

What’s ideal about using a service like Messenger is that it can be incorporated with a chatbot so that a tenant can get answers to basic questions from the chatbot first, before they speak with the tenant.

Tip #2 – Email

Although its less instant, email is also an effective form of communication because most people can check email on their phones and won’t hesitate to check it during the day.

When it comes to effectively using email to communicate with tenants, landlords should set up an autoresponder that provides tenants with basic answers first before they have to physically speak with tenants about their issues.

Tip #3 – Phone

Last of all, but most important is communication over the phone.

Tenants should only be prompted to physically call landlords after they’ve exhausted communication options via text or email.

Landlords who are hesitant about giving tenants their cell phone numbers should give their tenants a 1-800 message line that they can call to first leave a message about their problem before the landlord calls them back.

Using this approach gives a landlord time to find the best solution for the problem so that they can call their tenant back with an answer, instead of getting stuck on the phone with their tenants, listening to them talk about their issue.

Tip #4 – Hire A Property Manager

Ultimately, hiring a property management company is the key to successfully communicating with tenants and owning rental properties.

A property management company will save an owner the time, money, and hassle of dealing with property management so that they can focus on adding more rentals to their investment portfolio and living their normal life.

Besides communication, when a property manager manages their landlord client’s property, the landlord can have confidence that all phases of property management will be professionally handled including:

  • Tenant screening and placement
  • Maintenance
  • Customer service
  • Rent Collection
  • Accounting
  • And more!

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