Three Easy Updates To Make To Your Portland Rental Property

rental property

Are you planning on updating your Portland Oregon Rental Property in 2022 but you don’t have a lot of time?

Thankfully, updating a rental property doesn’t always have to take a lot of time, or money, especially when you make one of the following updates.

1 – Update The Outlets In Your Property

Let’s face it, outlets are typically one of the last things to get updated on a property because they are often forgotten about.

Even though it’s easy to forget about electrical outlets, they are more important than ever before because we live in a world where people are using more electrical devices like smart phones, gaming devices, laptops and gaming consoles.

Your goal should be to update all of the outlets in your rental property to three-pronged outlets, or outlets that also include USB ports.

Besides updating the outlets, it’s also important to update the electrical plates on each outlet as well because, your property may have some mismatched plates that are leftover from previous renovations at your property.

rental property

2 – Update Lighting

Besides updating the electrical outlets in your Portland Oregon Rental Property, you should also update the lighting as well.

During the process of updating lighting, you should focus specifically on updating older light fixtures because, some older light fixtures can date a property and make it look less than desirable to a prospective tenant.

While updating lighting, it’s also important to add LED bulbs as well because they are typically brighter than traditional bulbs and energy-efficient.

3 – Add Smart Locks

Last of all, but most important, another quick update that you can make to your Portland rental property is adding a smart lock.

Smart locks are a great update to make to a property because they give tenants the ability to control their locks from their smartphones and what’s best of all, a smart lock eliminates the hassle of a tenant getting locked out of their property.

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