Tenant Screening Tips for Selecting the Most Qualified Renters

Are you searching for tenant screening tips? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Tenant screening has become more important than ever before because the rental market has changed, and it’s imperative for landlords to take the time to invest in screening renters before placing them in their properties.

Thankfully, it doesn’t matter if you’ve owned rental properties for years, or if you’re just getting started, you can excel at tenant screening by following these tips.

Tip #1 – Watch for Tenant Red Flags

Your number one goal as a landlord should be to rent to someone who is not going to have any problem with paying their rent on time each month.

To accomplish this goal, you must be on the lookout for red flags when you’re going through the screening process with them.

Tenant red flags are not always easy to spot because it’s easy for some tenants to hide problems in their past so that they don’t come up during the screening process but, if you dig a little deeper, you can easily spot what a tenant is trying to hide.  

Some of the most common tenant red flags to be on the lookout for include:

Tenants who move frequently

Tenants who filed for bankruptcy recently

Tenants who have been evicted

Besides These obvious red flags, it’s also important to be on the lookout for red flags when you call their previous landlord to learn more about that landlord’s relationship with their tenant while they were renting to them.

Some of the red flags to be on the lookout for during the conversation with the tenant’s previous landlord include if that tenant was a complainer, paid their rent late, caused problems, and left the rental property a complete mess when they moved out.

If the tenant’s former landlord is unwilling to rent them again in the future, this should be a sign that you should be worried about renting your property to that tenant now.


Tip #2 – Don’t Neglect the Background Check

Another important thing to do during the tenant screening process is to always conduct a background check.

Background checks are important because they will give you a real insight into the quality of the character like the tenant so that you can have peace of mind in knowing that they are going to be the right person to place you in your rental property.

The good news is that in today’s world, there are a wide variety of online resources that you can use to conduct a background check and a credit check without having to leave your office.

Preventative Maintenance

Tip #3 – Conduct A Move-In Inspection with The Tenant

Last of all, but most important, once you’ve chosen to rent to the most qualified tenant possible, you should also be willing to do the moving inspection with them personally.

Move-in inspections are important because, when you’re walking them through the rental property, you should be taking pictures and video of the rental at the same time.

Your goal should be to make sure that the tenant is aware that you know the condition of the rental property at the time they moved in so that they are aware of how the property should look when it comes time for them to move out.

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