Smart Upgrades for Your Portland Rental Home


Smart Upgrades for Your Portland Rental Home!

Our discussion today is about upgrades that make sense for property owners who plan to rent out their homes. We are talking to Grace, who manages all of our maintenance at Property Management Systems.

Upgrades You Should Consider

Hardwood flooring is very popular and an example of what owners might consider doing to upgrade their rental properties. This should generate enthusiasm among prospective tenants. You could also do laminate flooring, which is usually a safer bet for a number of reasons. It’s less expensive and the clean, finished surface will attract tenants. You can also advertise the property as pet friendly because you will have less risk of damage to the floors.

The most important upgrades you can make are anything that improves the cleanliness of a house. You want to turn over a house that’s in clean, excellent condition. This sets the standard for how you expect the tenant to return the house when they leave.

Other upgrades we always recommend are countertops; either in tile, granite or Formica. These surfaces last for years. We also suggest you keep simple, low –maintenance yards with landscaping or little or no grass. Install shower stalls and bath tubs that are seamless.

Upgrades to Forget

There are also some upgrades that owners tend to find tempting, but we recommend against them. Some of the non-recommended upgrades include pools, swings, tree houses in the backyard and anything else that will only bring more liability on the owner.

Replacing things in the house that are worn and dirty will really attract tenants. It’s simple and inexpensive to spruce things up with quick coat of paint and updated flooring, and those improvements go a long way. Then, you can do some small things like put in new faucets or light fixtures. You don’t have to do everything all at once, and remember that sometimes buying good quality items will save you money in the long run. Warranties are worth the investment and they can save you time and money. Your property management company should have knowledgeable maintenance staff that can take care of all these things for you.

We would be more than happy to help you decide which upgrades you should make to your rental property. If you have any questions on Portland Property Management, please contact us at Property Management Systems.

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