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PORTLAND, ORE. – 2016 has been a great year to own Real Estate and if you purchased more rental properties this year you’re probably feeling the pressure of managing multiple rentals yourself. Thankfully, you can ease the stress of managing multiple rental properties with Portland Oregon Property Management.

Why Choose Portland Oregon Property Management?

Portland Oregon Property Management is important because we will take the stress of managing multiple rental properties off your shoulders so you can focus on continuing to grow your portfolio without having to deal with the day-to-day hassles that come with managing rental properties.

Some of the property management services we can offer you include:

  • Setting The Right Rental Rate – Many owners don’t realize that they could be renting their Portland Oregon Rental Properties for more money than they could be each month. Our property management professionals will research comparable properties in Portland to determine what your property should rent for so that you can maximize your monthly income while keeping your vacancy rate low at the same time.
  • Tenant Screening – Our team of property management professionals will screen prospective tenants for your rental property and make sure that your town home, condo or apartment is rented by the most qualified tenant(s).
  • Tenant Management – When tenants have problems, questions or issues that need to be addressed they will call us and save you the time, money or hassle of having to deal with tenants yourself.
  • Rent Collection – There’s no denying that rent collection can be a difficult time of month for some owners due to tenant excuses, thankfully with our Portland Oregon Property Management team you can count on us to have rent collected on time and deposited each month.
  • Maintenance – If your rental property has maintenance needs you can count on Property Management Systems to handle all maintenance at your rental property so you will no longer have to deal with maintenance problems or requests yourself.
  • Online Portal – Thanks to our online portal you can stay on track of what’s happening at your rental property, regardless of where you are in the world and our online portal also makes it easy for your tenants to pay their rent and communicate with us if they have issues or problems that need to be addressed.

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Property Management and ROI

Still not sure if you should hire our Portland Oregon Property Management service to professionally manage your rental properties for you?

Although hiring a property management company has many advantages, using one can be expensive. And, even apart from the cost, relying on a property management company is not for everyone. Consider the following factors to determine if hiring a property management company would be a good decision for your business.

You should consider hiring a property management company if:

You have lots of properties or rental units. The more rental properties you own and the more units they contain, the more you’re likely to benefit from a management company.

You don’t live near your rental property. If your rental property is located far from where you live, hiring a property management company can be invaluable in dealing with the many issues that you will not be able to handle from afar.

You’re not interested in hands-on management. Many landlords look forward to the challenge of finding good tenants and the rewards of maintaining a safe and attractive property on their own. But if you view rental property ownership strictly as an investment and want little or nothing to do with the day-to-day management of your properties, consider hiring help to manage your property.

Your time is limited. Even if you enjoy hands-on management, you may not have much time to devote to your business, especially if landlording isn’t your day job. And if you prefer to spend your time growing your business, including searching for new properties, arranging financing for renovations, or changing your business structure, then a management company may be a good way to spend your money.

You can afford the cost. Hiring a property management company is an attractive option if you can afford the fees. When interviewing companies, expect to hear quotes ranging between 5% and 10% of what you collect in rent revenue. If it’s a down market and you’re able to manage things yourself (or with the help of a resident manager or other employees), you may want to keep doing so until the market turns around.

You’re suddenly inundated with management tasks. If your business is growing, at some point you may find that you need a substantial amount of help to manage everything properly. At that point, it might make sense to hire a management company.

You don’t want to be an employer. If you hire a resident manager or other employees to help with your property, you become an employer. You’ll have to handle payroll and deal with a host of other legal requirements and considerations. But, because a property management company isn’t your employee (it’s an independent contractor), and neither are the people who work for the company, by using one you avoid the hassles of being an employer.

Your property is part of an affordable housing program. If you participate in an affordable housing program, things can get complicated. Usually, in these programs the landlord receives financial assistance, which may be in the form of a grant, low-interest loan, or tax credits, in return for agreeing to rent at least part of the property to tenants earning below a certain income level. In order to continue receiving the assistance, the landlord must comply with a complicated set of rules. With so much at stake, it’s often worth hiring a property management company that has expertise and experience with the particular housing program in question.

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