Should Your Rental Property In Portland Offer 5-Star Amenities?

Should Your Rental Property In Portland Offer 5-Star Amenities?






By Property Management Systems

PORTLAND, Ore. – Does your rental property in Portland have what can be considered to be 5-star amenities?

If not, not problem! You can easily add amenities to your rental property without having to spend thousands of dollars to attract new interest in your rental property.

Outside Amenities

When adding outside amenities to your Rental Property in Portland Oregon one of the best amenities you should add first is a grill to your patio or outdoor space.

There’s nothing better than grilling in Portland Oregon during the summer months because the weather is perfect this time of year, and this investment will pay off fast since grills are affordable and most renters like to spend time outside with their favorite locally brewed beverage.

Besides adding a grill you should also consider adding patio furniture and new flowers in pots since this will add pops of color to your patio and integrate your landscape with the patio.

Offer Free Wi-Fi

It doesn’t matter if you have multi-family rental property in Portland, single family home or condo, you should consider offering free WiFi to your tenants because, more people than ever before use WiFi (including Baby Boomers) and adding this important resource will save your tenants money and keep them happy.

Tip – When you choose WiFi for your rental property make sure you go with 1GB or higher WiFi since most people like to stream or download content at home.

Before Marketing Your Rental Property in Portland Do This

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