Should You Paint The Walls Of Your Portland Rental?

Should You Paint The Walls Of Your Portland Rental

By Fred Marlow

As a long-time owner of Portland Rental Property you’ve seen it all, and done it all over the years but are you painting the walls of your rental before showing it to new tenants? If the answer is no, you might be missing out on marketing your rental to great long-term tenants who will love living there.

What Colors Really Mean

Did you know that each color has its own meaning?

Before choosing just off white or gloss white for the wall color inside your Portland Rental make sure you consider choosing one or more of colors: orange, yellow, green, blue or purple since each of these vibrant colors will also reflect the optimism and hope of the age we live in.

Most property owners typically choose white for the wall color inside their rentals because they don’t know where to go for ideas.

Although white signifies a fresh start, it can also repel potential renters who find a rental with all white walls to be boring or unattractive.

More Ideas for Colors

If you decide not to choose one of all of the colors mentioned in this post you should consider getting color ideas from your local area by visiting other shops, stores and restaurants to see which colors are in use by other businesses and establishments there.

It’s also important to remember that millennials are one of the biggest rental groups in Portland, and across the United States, so if you’re at a loss about what colors to choose for your rental you should ask a millennial what colors they love and consider painting the walls of your Portland Rental accordingly.

You might want to consider paying an interior decorator for one hour of their time so you can get more tips on wall color before making the decision on what paint colors you will choose for the walls of your Portland Rental.

Get More Portland Rental Tips 

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