Should Landlords Allow Tenants To Have Temporary Pools?


When it’s hot outside, it’s not uncommon for landlords in Portland OR, and across the United States, to get calls from their tenants about placing temporary pools in the yards of their rental properties.

Everyone likes to cool off right?

The big question is should landlords allow temporary pools? In this article, we will answer this question and provide tips for landlords on how to handle this situation.

Huge Liability Concern

Let’s face it, landlords invest in rental properties to earn cash flow, so why jeopardize that cash flow by allowing a tenant to place a plastic ‘kiddie pool’, or larger pool in the yard of their rental property?

Pools are fun to enjoy during the summer months but if there is an accident, injury, or death, it’s possible that the landlord could be found to be at fault.

What Should Landlords Do?

Instead of dealing with pools on a case-by-case basis, landlords should have an addendum in their leases which state that they do not allow tenants to have pools at their rental properties.

Besides being a liability risk, pools at the rental property can also lead to floods, water damage, and a host of other issues that make them not worth it for landlords.

Sure, a landlord might seem harsh at first to their tenants but with the prospect of legal drama, due to an accident or injury, along with damage to the property, it’s easy to see why landlords should take this position on pools at rental properties.

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