Rent to Own Explained by a Portland Property Management Company

Rent to Own Explained by a Portland Property Management Company

Today, we are again talking to Steven Seim from Directors Mortgage. He is going to tell us how easy it is for tenants to move from renting a property to owning that same property.

At Property Management Systems, we manage hundreds of single family homes in the metropolitan Portland area. Every year, a number of owners decide they are ready to sell their investment property and sometimes, tenants make the best buyers of those properties. There are lots of financing plans available to tenants who want to buy the homes they are living in.

Tenants who work with Property Management Systems are entitled to free consultations and help through Directors Mortgage. You won’t have to pay any lenders fees and you can get specific information on financing through an FHA loan, a conventional loan, USDA loans, VA loans and even jumbo loans. With current loan rates being historically low, that means a tenant’s mortgage payment will often be equal to or even less than the amount that was being paid in rent.

If you are a tenant who has thought about buying a home, or you need help with financing a rent to own purchase, please contact us at Property Management Systems or Directors Mortgage, and we’d be happy to help you.

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