Portland Oregon Rental – Simple Tips for Dealing with Angry Renters

Portland Oregon Rental – Simple Tips

By Fred Marlow

As a Portland Oregon Rental owner you may be just getting started with building your portfolio of income producing properties, or you’ve owned property for some time, but one thing every owner can look forward to at least once is dealing with a tenant who is angry about something.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve owned your Portland Oregon Rental for 3 weeks, or 30 years, keeping long term, happy tenants, all relates to how you effectively deal with tense situations and keep them happy, in spite of how upset they are with you in the heat of the moment.

In today’s post I will share with you 3 tips you can use to deal with angry renters and find resolutions to problems.

Tip 1 – Search for the Solution Instead Of Making the Problem Worse

Although you may be inclined to issue a tenant a warning about their behavior, or the situation, why not find a solution to the problem first BEFORE issuing a warning?

Example: Let’s say that you own a multi-family unit in Gresham and the downstairs tenant is complaining about the upstairs tenant’s noise.

The solution to this problem could be to install new carpet padding in the upstairs unit or offer to move the upstairs tenant to another rental.

Tip 2 – Choose a Neutral Space for the Conversation

Let’s say that you have two tenants who are arguing about noise, parking spaces, or other issues at your Portland Oregon Rental, why not invite them to your office, or out to lunch, first to discuss the problem rather than speak with them both at their units when tempers are high?

Tip 3 – Make Promises You CAN Keep

One of the most common problems for Portland Oregon Rental owners is that they make promises to their tenants that they can’t keep.

For example: You promised your tenant that you would fix their toilet on Sunday and now it’s three days later, and their toilet still hasn’t been fixed.

Instead of making promises you can’t keep, make promises you CAN keep by creating timelines for when a tenant can expect the problem WILL be resolved instead of telling a tenant that you will resolve the problem by a certain date, and not being able to fulfill your promise.

Portland Oregon Rental Property Management

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