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PORTLAND, Ore. – Do you have tenants who are planning on moving out of your Portland Oregon Rental Property soon? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with marketing their rentals and are faced with the prospect of settling for tenants when they could have the best tenants to choose from if they follow these simple tips.

Tip #1 – Start Marketing Your Portland Oregon Rental Property 30 Days BEFORE Your Tenants Moves Out

This tip is top on our list because starting 30 days in advance gives you the ability to market your property effectively then take your time with background checks and tenants screenings without having to quickly rent your property because you don’t want it sitting vacant.

One important thing to remember when marketing your rental property in Portland while it’s still occupied is that you have to work with your tenants when you plan on showing the rental property by delivering a 24 hour notice to them just so they are aware of the day and time you will be showing up with prospective renters.

To make it easier on your current tenant it’s best to take one day for showing the rental property, instead of multiple days, that way you can help your tenant to keep their peace of mind while consolidating showing your rental property to prospective renters in one day flat.

#2 – Improve Curb Appeal Now

Right now is also the perfect time for you to improve curb appeal at your Portland Oregon Rental Property because curb appeal upgrades or outside maintenance are things that won’t require you to enter the rental property. Just make sure that you still notify your current tenant that either you or one of your contractors will be working on the rental property just so they are aware that someone will be there on certain days/times.

Some of the improvements you should consider making to the curb appeal of your Portland Rental include:

  • Painting – If the exterior of your rental property needs a good paint job now is the time to get it done, especially if you own a single family home because the eaves on a home typically begin to peel and show signs of age before anything else. You should also consider painting the front door a bright color so it will be noticeable from the street.
  • Landscape Maintenance – Remove dead plants and replace with evergreen shrubs or plants. For yards that are bigger, you should consider adding more rock or mulch to the yard since this will cut down on mowing and also help to conserve water as well.
  • Cleanup – Review the outside of your rental property thoroughly and remove any trash or debris that may be there from current or past tenants. If the exterior of your rental property is pretty clean, to begin with, you should at the very least rent a pressure washer and clean the driveway, sidewalk and exterior of your rental property to remove dirt and grime that may have accumulated there over the years.

Portland Oregon Rental Property

#3 – Schedule Interior Clean Up and Inspection for the Day after Your Tenant Moves Out

Once your tenant has a confirmed day that they will have moved out of your Portland Rental Property in Portland Oregon you should schedule clean up and inspection for the day after because, every second counts with getting the interior of the rental property ready for your next tenant.

Getting your single family home, condo or apartment ready for rent will also help you to get your former tenants deposit back to them within the required 30-day window and avoid any hassles with them regarding deposit return.

#4 – Take Great Pictures and Video Inside and Outside the Rental

Thanks to the Internet every prospective renter goes online these days FIRST to look for rental properties in Portland and the surrounding area, this is why you should hire a professional photographer to take great pictures and video of your rental property before listing it online because this will make it easier for you to market your rental to the right prospective tenants.

Tip – Before taking pictures and video you should consider staging your rental property with furniture because, a staged property will be easier to market online compared to just taking pictures and video of empty rooms with well-vacuumed carpeting.

#5 – Think About the Tenants That You Want To Rent To

Are you interested in renting to tenants who are young professionals, Millennials or Baby Boomers? If so, you should think about what publications these Portland Renters may be reading on a regular basis and then make a plan to advertise in them because it will be easier for you to attract the ideal tenants if you are advertising on websites or online publications they may be reading on a regular basis.

#6 – Talk With Your Outgoing Tenant about the Rental Property

Last of all, but most important, take the time to call your outgoing tenant about your rental property and ask them if there is anything that they can recommend be fixed at or improved at your rental property because, this could save you a potential lawsuit especially if the rental has faulty wiring or something that’s potentially hazardous.

#7 – Get Portland Oregon Property Management

As Portland Oregon Property Management professionals we understand how time-consuming managing a rental property can be, because property management is our specialty, that’s why we encourage you to contact our team of professionals if you’ve been considering hiring someone to manage your rental properties for you.

We can help with you all aspects of property management including rent collection, maintenance, customer service and so much more so if you’ve been thinking about buying another Portland Rental Property, or outsourcing your property management needs there’s nobody better to call for property management in the Portland area than Property Management Systems.

Get started with a free property management quote by calling us at (503) 515-3170 or CLICK HERE to connect with us online.


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