In Spite Of Modern Technology Some Portland Oregon Renters Still Prefer To Pay Their Rent Via Check – Here’s why

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By Property Management Systems

Do Portland Oregon Renters Still want to Pay By Check?

PORTLAND, Ore. – It’s 2015 and although most Portland Oregon Renters are used to paying their bills online the reality when it comes to paying rent is that many renters still prefer to pay their rents by check.

If you’ve been wondering why most renters still prefer to pay their rent with a traditional check versus paying online this post will breakdown what’s really behind this trend and what you can do to make it easier for your renters to pay their rents online.

A “Fragmented” Rental Market

One of the biggest reasons why many renters still prefer to pay their rents with their checkbooks versus online is because we have a “fragmented” rental market (Baby Boomers, GenX and Gen Y) in 2015 who have chosen to rent vs. buy a home.

70 Percent of Renters Still Pay by Check

Thanks to recent data from PayLease, a company who specializes in e-rent technology, we know that close to 70 percent of renters nationwide are still paying their rent by check compared to electronic payment.

How to Get More Renters to Pay Online

In the effort to get more of your renters to pay their rents online you should consider doing the following:

Step 1 – Offer renters incentives like: gift certificates or gift cards if they pay their rents online.

Step 2 – Take the time to educate each renter on how to pay their rents online, you should even sit down with a renter personally to make sure they are comfortable with paying online and able to complete payment on their own via your e-payment portal.

Step 3 – Follow up with your renters every 60 to 90 days to make sure they have been able to pay their rents online and aren’t experiencing any problems with your e-payment platform.

Find More Portland Oregon Renters

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