Planning on Renovating Your Portland OR Rental Property? Why Not Consider These Design Elements?

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Are you planning on renovating your Portland OR rental property? If so, there are serval “timeless” design elements that never go out of style and are a perfect fit for any rental property.

In this article, we will provide you with more information on what those design elements are and how you should incorporate them into your rental property.

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Timeless Design Elements That Pay Off

The key to increasing your rental rates or market value may lie within one simple concept – establishing a timeless look with your rental property renovations. When you think of classical designs, thoughts of Roman architecture may come to mind, or perhaps you’re remembering a common oldie: that checkerboard patterned black and white tile floor. Classical yes, timeless – not by a long shot. Notice how outdated shag carpet and avocado green appliances looked ten years ago, but now these are often “special order” items that cost far more than comparable items. Retro is “in” now, but it likely won’t be in a decade, and wise investors keep this in mind when considering investing in profitable rental property renovations.

Whether you plan to remodel bathrooms, the kitchen, or update the flooring or other areas, keep these tips for timeless design elements in mind.

Natural Materials Never Go Out of Style

Revamp free standing stairs, countertops, and flooring with an installation crafted from natural materials. Wood slabs are a particularly attractive option for stairways, cabinets, and shelving that can authentically add a touch of timeless class to any home. Consider using “clear” wood species such as alder or maple enhanced with medium stains boasting a natural look that will retain their timeless look for decades to come.

Countertop and flooring renovations add both beauty and value to rental properties, and quartz, tile, and granite make ideal selections; however, choosing timeless hues and patterns is vital. Back in the 70s yellow and gold tints were wildly popular. Today, these colors represent expressions of the past and you don’t want your decor to date your property, so stick with neutral, natural grains and patterns, especially when dealing with major design components such as flooring renovations.

More Design Elements to Consider for Your Rental Property

Besides the timeless design elements mentioned in this article, here are some additional design elements you should consider for your rental property.

Unobtrusive Curtains

Unlike the dark, cavernous Victorian-era style favored by the previous century’s architects, modern homes welcome natural light with prominent windows and elegant, open spaces.

Avoid obtrusive, light-obscuring design elements like heavy curtains. For one thing, curtains of this sort will disrupt the natural lines and spacing of the windows. For another, if the fabric is too heavy, or of an especially dark hue, it will alter the balance of light in the home. This could throw off the clean, contemporary aesthetic and overall feeling of the room.

Light-colored curtains or semi-transparent blinds that block outsiders from seeing within while allowing ambient light can be used for privacy and can be tucked neatly out of sight during the day.

Furniture with Clean, Elegant Lines

Similarly, furniture within a modern home should distract the viewer as little as possible—this can be difficult if a piece features loud patterns or appears over-stuffed and bulky. Furniture, in a modern scheme, should inspire a sense of relief and comfort, not weight and crowdedness.

Furniture with prominent, bulky cushions or overly-rounded armrests should be avoided in favor of pieces with simple, clean lines. Slender, elegantly designed chairs, tables, and couches will help to enhance the feeling of comfort and cleanliness in a modern home.

When selecting furniture for a modern scheme, think utilitarian—purchase a couch for sitting, not decoration. Tables can be chosen for their simplicity and usefulness, not their material or ornamentation. One of the best things about modern design is that it can be accomplished on a budget since there’s no demand for ornate, expensive furnishings.

Uncluttered Surfaces

One of the trademarks of modern interior design is a complete lack of clutter and unnecessary items. From the kitchen island to the dining table to the tops of bookshelves, surfaces should be left mostly bare.

Carefully selected items, like a beautiful vase, some colorful glasswork, or a simple sculpture should be displayed on these surfaces. A home with too many objects quickly becomes visually overwhelming, a trait that is not part of the modern aesthetic. Kitchen tools should generally be stored out of sight, where they will present no distraction.

Abstract Modern Art

Whether it is an elegant postmodern piece or an eye-catching splash of colors, abstract modern art is key to achieving the right balance between color and the absence thereof. By steering away from concrete forms, displaying abstract modern art on the walls allows the viewer to interpret the piece as they please. Most art dealers and galleries will have abstract art posters for sale from different artists, providing a great selection to suit any modern design scheme.

Hidden or Absent Electrical Cords

While this may seem obvious, it is important to keep cords and the like out of sight when setting up a room. The modern home should appear to be seamless—visible electrical cords disrupt the look of the room as a whole and can distract the viewer from the purposeful lines you’ve created. Any devices that require electrical cords should be positioned so that the cord is never visible, even if this requires installing the wiring in a separate cabin or hidden space.

By employing these five essential elements, you will be able to enjoy your private spaces for years, if not decades. A modern home is essentially stylish forever; the trick is learning how to relax and enjoy one’s simple, yet rewarding, surroundings.

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