Nike Creating More Jobs in Beaverton with $150 Million Expansion

Nike Beaverton Oregon

By Fred Marlow

Nike Beaverton Oregon – Expansion

BEAVERTON – Nike has been one of the biggest employers in Beaverton for years and they will be creating more jobs with their $150 million expansion.

Last year word of their expansion was greeted by cheers as locals will only benefit from the increase in jobs to the area.

Nike officially started its expansion work in January by beginning construction on two brand facilities which will be used for office space and parking garages for its thousands of new and experienced employees who will be working there.

HUGE Rental Demand

Thanks to the Nike expansion, and growth of other companies in the area like Intel, demand for housing in Washington County has reached an all-time high.

The Nike expansion isn’t just bringing more new people to Beaverton to work for Nike, property managers and owners of income property in the area have been seeing more Nike employees relocating to Oregon from other states to take part in the expansion.

Nike Beaverton Oregon Campus

Nike Beaverton Oregon


Apartment Construction Increasing

Besides the growth of Nike in Beaverton we’re also seeing huge growth in the local construction industry since thanks to the demand for rental property more companies are building apartments and town homes on land which was once vacant.

Fulfilling Expectations

Since promising that they would pump $150 million dollars into their expansion, Nike has lived up to expectations and is doing just that, including hiring 2,500 people to work full time at their facilities.

Nike’s expansion has also started the expansion of schools in the local area and a new grade school, high school and middle school ae being built.

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