More Affordable Ideas for Improving Your Rental Properties in Portland Oregon

Rental Properties In Portland

By Property Management Systems

PORTLAND – So you’ve spent the time and money to renovate your rental properties in Portland Oregon with the goal of making them more appealing to prospective tenants and are wondering what else you can do to improve your properties.

In this post we will cover some additional renovations you can make to your rental property without spending a lot of money.

#1 – Change Door Hardware

Remove and replace all doorknobs from interior / exterior doors including handles on cabinets, knobs and other handles from drawers.

This step is important because, you can have a renovated rental unit but if it has old hardware on doors and cabinets the rental unit will still look old.

#2 – Wash Windows Inside And Out

Take the time to wash all of the windows to your property on the inside and outside.

When washing the windows for an upstairs unit you should consider hiring a professional window cleaning company.

Tip – When cleaning the inside of windows make sure you clean window ledges (if needed) because these areas of windows often get dirty and or dusty.

#3 – Deodorize Your Rental Unit

Before tenants arrive take the time to deodorize the rental unit by having the carpets professionally cleaned, plugging in air fresheners in the outlets of every room and place dryer sheets in closets to make them smell fresh and clean.

#4 – Clean These “Forgotten” Areas

Last of all, but most important, when cleaning or improving your rental properties in Portland Oregon make sure you clean the “forgotten” areas of your rental property like the refrigerator, inside kitchen cabinets, medicine cabinet and behind the toilet.

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