Mobile Home Vs. Multifamily – Which One Is Better In 2022?

Are you planning on investing in mobile home, or rental properties in 2022 but you’re not sure if you should invest in mobile homes or multifamily properties?

There’s no denying that both real estate investments are ideal but the reality is that few blogs talk about the pros and cons of either investment.

In this article, we will break down mobile home vs. multifamily and offer you our insights into which option is better.

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Mobile Home Vs. Multifamily

Mobile Homes – With rents rapidly in the Portland area, mobile homes are becoming more appealing to renters because they are often less expensive and still offer the same comfort as a single-family home while offering some amenities like an apartment.

Pros – Highly desirable among renters, easy to customize and they can be relocated if needed.

Cons – Some mobile homes can be very expensive to maintain, not always easy to resell and investors can encounter problems if they are not able to purchase the land that their mobile homes are placed on.

Multifamily Properties – Let’s face it, multifamily properties are always going to be desirable among renters, especially if an apartment building is located close to the city center, public transportation, and things to do in the area.

Pros – Always in demand, multifamily properties are a common ‘go-to’ rental among renters who are looking for a stress-free place to live that’s in a great location and has good amenities.

Cons – Can be difficult to finance and maintain since a multifamily property has more units under one roof and competition from other properties in the area can also make leasing units difficult especially if other properties have better amenities and features.

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