NEWSslinger – Cash Blast (Hidden) Cash Comes To Portland


Hidden Cash Comes To Portland

Frankie the Cash Blast Dog


“Hidden Cash” will soon be popping up around Portland, Oregon but it won’t be done by Jason Buzi, the man behind @HiddenCash, who started the recent, popular urban scavenger hunt in San Francisco. announced this week that starting on July 19th 2014, Frankie the Cash Blast Dogwill start blasting (Hiding) cash across Portland, Oregon.

So far the information that has been put out states they will be hiding cash in at least 3 locations around Portland, with at least 10 containers of cash in each location, filled with $20 to $100.

Marlow and Andrew say they saw what was happening in San Francisco and thought it looked like a great way to give back to the community and have a lot of fun in the process.

For more information and clues to the cash check out the following locations: or or


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