Does Your Multi-family Portland Rental Property Have A Bug Problem?

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By Property Management Systems

Over the years you’ve worked hard to keep your multi-family Portland Oregon Rental Property cockroach free but you just rented the last of your vacant units and a tenant is telling you that they have a roach problem, what do you do?

In this post we will share with you simple things you can do to get to the bottom of the cockroach problem in your Portland Rental Property so your tenant can once again be roach free.

Has Your Tenant Officially Moved In?

Although they might be currently living in your Portland Rental Property the reality is that some tenants take longer than others to move their things out of boxes and it’s easy to let those boxes sit for months at a time.

Cockroaches are drawn to boxes because they are often cool places for them to hide so if your tenant has one or more boxes in their rental unit it’s vital that they remove the boxes immediately to eliminate places for cockroaches to hide.

Are There Sources Of Water In The Rental Unit?

Another thing cockroaches are drawn to be sources of water and these can be a dripping water cooler to a water bowl for a dog.

If there are sources of water available in the Portland Rental Property you should advise your tenant to remove them immediately or use alternative sources of water to avoid calling more cockroaches into the rental unit.

Does Your Tenant Have The Right Cleaning Supplies?

Let’s say that your tenant recently relocated to your Portland Rental Property from out of state but they are short on cash and unable to pay for cleaning supplies.

In this case you should consider buying a cleaning package for your tenant which includes a broom, dust pan, trash bags, toilet cleaning supplies and spray cleaner.

These supplies will cost you less than $30 if you buy them at a dollar store and they will ultimately protect the value of your investment.

Protect Your Portland Rental Property

To learn more tips you can use to protect the value of your Portland Rental Property, or to speak with us about our Portland property management services, contact Property Management Systems today by calling us at (503) 515-3170

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