DIY Decorating Tips For Renters

If you just moved into a Portland Rental property, like most renters you may be searching for decorating tips because you want to make that rental feel like your own.

Thankfully, you can accomplish that goal by following these simple DIY decorating tips.

Tip #1 – Use Removable Wallpaper Or Vinyl Wall Stickers

Let’s face it, decorating is easier than ever in the 2020s thanks to removable wallpaper and vinyl wall stickers.

You can easily decorate your rental property, and make it feel like ‘your’ home without having to spend thousands of dollars on decorating costs.

Removable wallpaper and vinyl wall stickers are easy to use and cost affordable, so it’s best to set a budget for each room and start decorating.

Tip #2 – Invest In Slip Covers And Pillows

Another budget-friendly way to decorate your new rental property in Portland Oregon is to invest in slipcovers and new pillows for your furniture.

Slipcovers and pillows make it possible for you to change the look/colors of your furniture so that it will fit in well with the rooms where those pieces are placed.

Tip #3 – Add New Window Coverings

Even though your rental in Portland Oregon may have mini blinds, you can add character and personalization to each room by investing in new window coverings.

Thankfully, window coverings are also affordable and an excellent way to add a sense of character to each room in your rental property.

Tip #4 – Add Area Rugs And Runners

Last of all, but most important, you can also add character/personalization to your PDX rental property by adding area rugs and runners to the property.

Area rugs and runners will finalize the look of your property and make it possible for you to have a designer look in your property, even if you’re on a budget.

Contact Rent Portland Homes

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