Best of Portland Oregon Housing Market

During this economic downturn Portland has not been immune to the dive the real estate market has taken.  The value of homes for property owners has fallen just like in much of the rest of the country. 

A recent article “Ten Cities to Go From Renting to Buying” named Portland, Oregon as one of the top ten places where it is better to buy than rent.  There is an influx of homes for sale in the market.  As a result many have to lower the price of property below market value in order to get it sold.  In the Forbes article it states the medium home price is $244,500 but there are many great homes that one can find in the Portland-Vancouver metro area that are well below this price range.  It is possible to find great homes for sale for close to $100,000 less than the medium price stated by Forbes.  These are 3 bedroom homes that were built recently during the housing boom of 2004-2006. Read More –>

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