Affordable rental housing opens in South Waterfront with grand opening ceremony for Gray’s Landing Friday

Affordable rental housing

Frederica Pippin, a retired Army veteran, says she feels “like a 5-year-old on
Christmas” about moving Saturday into Gray’s
, the first affordable rental housing development in the South

She is excited about moving into an apartment with an oven.

When she moves into her studio she plans to cook ” a whole chicken, not
half a chicken” as she is limited to now with her tiny oven. “I’m dreaming about
that chicken.”

As other tenants also now move into Gray’s Landing,
Pippin will move into a sixth-floor federally subsidized studio that overlooks
the building’s central courtyard. The city will host a grand opening ceremony
and celebration Friday.

She has been coming down to the neighborhood to
watch the building’s construction since January. The Portland Housing Bureau partnered
with nonprofit Reach Community Development on
the six-story building, which is named after local philanthropist, developer and
veteran John Gray, who died in October. 

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