3 Simple Ways To Deal With Tenants When They Move Out Of Your Portland Oregon Rental Property


By Property Management Systems

3 Simple Ways To Deal With Portland Tenants

PORTLAND, Ore – As a property owner one of the hardest things you will have to deal with is when a tenant moves out of your Portland Oregon Rental Property.

Things can get especially bad when a tenant moves out, leaves your property in bad shape and expects to get their deposit back.

To make tenant relations easier here are 3 simple ways to deal with tenant move outs.

Tip 1 – Talk About The Move Out When Your Tenant Is Moving In

Instead of leaving the move out details to the very last minute, talk with your tenant about the move out when they first move into your Portland Oregon Rental Property.

This talk should include a conversation on what your expectation is for the shape the property will be in when they move out and you should also cover what charges your tenant can expect to pay for things like cleaning or painting the rental property if it’s needed.

It’s also important to make sure that your tenant is aware of when they can expect their deposit back after they move out just so they won’t be expecting it to be sent to them automatically when they hand in their keys.

Tip 2 – Use Check Lists

When your tenant moves in you should give them a check list to document the condition of the property and you should also give them a move out check list at the same time so they also will document the condition of the property when they leave.

Tip 3 – Take A Lot Of Pictures

Last of all, but most important take lots of pictures of the property before a tenant moves in and when they move out.

This will insure that your best interests are protected through the documentation which comes from the photographs.

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